Raising Funds

One of our biggest deterrents when it came to saying yes to adoption was the financial strain. International adoptions costs anywhere from $25,000 on the cheap end to $45,000. We are a very middle-class family.

So how are we affording such an expensive endeavor?

We're learning that when God calls us to something, He will provide a way.

Support Letters

We started off by sending out support letters to friends and family and ended up receiving $10,000. Talk about blowing our blessed socks off! If there was any doubt that God had this, it was erased after the amazing response from our support letters.

Silent Auction & Trivia Night

Next, we hosted a silent auction/trivia night. I won't lie, the planning for this was incredibly stressful and time-consuming. But in the end, it was worth it! We raised an addition $6,000.

This put us over the half way mark!

A Puzzle Piece Adventure

When putting together a puzzle, every single piece matters.

We're inviting you to be an important piece in our child's story.

We have purchased a puzzle.

500 pieces.
Isn't it great?

Sponsor a piece for $10 and we'll write your name on the back.

You may sponsor as many pieces as you'd like.

One for every person in your family, if you want.

Or perhaps a single piece in memory of somebody special.

Or perhaps just one for you.

Heck, you could pool your resources with a friend and purchase a piece together.

Whatever works for you.

Once the puzzle is complete, and all 500 pieces are sponsored, we will frame the puzzle in double-sided glass and hang it in our kiddo's room.

And someday....someday.....when he's old enough to understand, we'll take that frame off the wall. He'll snuggle up on my lap and we'll turn that picture around and we'll point at all the names. I'll read them out loud and with my arms wrapped around him, I'll whisper, "Look how much you were loved. Look at how much you were wanted. Look at all these people who helped bring you home."


Thanks to the Thorton's, we're selling Congo adoption t-shirts. We only have a limited number available, so make sure to order fast! 

Please send donations via the Lifesong Paypal button OR write a check payable to:

Lifesong for Orphans
PO Box 40/202 N. Ford St
Gridley, IL  61744

**Make sure to put Ganshert/3493 in the memo line** All money goes directly to our adoption. Nothing is taken out for administrative costs.
We're hoping all of this, combined with a matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans (this is being processed and is to be determined), will get us the rest of the way there!

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